Monday, 12 December 2016

WHSmith Let's Create pack of 100 color pencils review

WHSmith Let's Create 100 colouring pencils

There are plenty of reviews of artist coloring pencils on the net, such as Faber Castell Polychromos or Prismacolor. I am sure those pencils are fantastic and lucky are those who can afford them for using in coloring books. I can't. All the pencils I have been using so far are budget ones. And today I want to write a review on the most budget color pencils that I managed to find. I am talking about WHSmith Let's Create set of 100 coloring pencils that I bought online for mere 6.49 pounds. And what can I say? I am pretty happy with them! Of course, if you like coloring by putting layer after layer of a color these pencils would not work. They can be used for two-three layers but no more. Anyway, a reaaly impressive effect can be reached thanks to a large variety of shades. Have a look at the range of colors in this pack

I like the variety of blues, greens and purples. There are also colors that can be used for skin coloring. Silver, gold and white pencils are presented too. There are two types of black and several shades of grey. Quite an impressive palette! And here are two pages that I colored using only these pencils

Escape to Shakespeare's world finished page

The first illustration is from the Escape to Shakespeare's World coloring book. As you can see the result is quite bright and colorful.

Budget color pencils review

The second illustration is from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book. The paper in this book is different from that of the previous one, it is very smooth. But still, the colors look very nice.
The pencils are sold in a handy plastic container that can be easily taken with you wherever you decide to go coloring.
Now, about some minuses. There are no any names of numbers indicating pencils colors. And with 100 of them, with many shades being very close and similar, it may be quite confusing. Besides, the real pigment and the color of the wood in some pencils don't match. To make the process of choosing colors easier I marked them myself, I just divided all the pencils into groups and scratched numbers at their ends, like this

WHSmith colour pencils review

And then I arranged all the colors by a group and number into my swatch book. Now it is easy to choose the shade I need.
On the last photo, have a closer look at the pencils marked as VI and XI. They look like black and brown. But now look what their original color is

Not quite what you would expect, huh? It would be really confusing without swatches and marking. Well, perhaps it is not an ideal way but it works fine for me.
This was my first review ever and I hope you will find it helpful. 

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  1. oh wow! That's the most useful review! I loved coloring books but not sure if I keep on liking them in future... so I really wanted something more budget friendly for a start. Thanks!

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