Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Zendoodle coloring: alien

Zen doodle: alien

Meet this cute alien from the Planet of Cold. He came to visit the Earth and accidentally landed in tropics. It is too hot for him there. But he has two little helpers, cold-producing robots who create a cloud of snowy balls/crystals around him to keep the alien cold. So, that's why he looks quite happy! That's my story behind the illustration :)
And here is another alien. This page was colored by my daughter. We colored at the same time and it was interesting to compare the results.

Zen doodling: alien

The alien is from the Zendoodle coloring book (Russian publication) and I colored him with colored pencils but the background is done with soft pastel.

Happy coloring!


  1. Hehehe what fun aliens!!! Love how you created a story behind the alion!!! Both illustrations are lovely!!! Interesting to see how 1 picture can be coloured 2 ways :)

  2. I really like both of your works! Very interesting colouring....there is a 3D feeling to both of these paintings and that's really cool.