Wednesday, 19 October 2016

"Africa" coloring: woman in a bright turban

Adult coloring: african woman illustration

Finally, I was brave enough to try and color a human face. I am quite happy with the result though the paper of this book doesn't love pencils and it is really hard to get a smooth effect while blending. Besides the paper has a few patches here and there which makes the task even harder. Anyway, on the whole the illustration looks quite lovely and I really like it.

Africa coloring book, before and after illustration

For the coloring I used markers and fineliners for smaller details and colored pencils for everything else. And the woman's earrings I colored with a glittering gel pen in the shade of gold.
The illustration is from the Africa: Patterns of the World coloring book (Russian edition) and that is just the right theme for me cause I like using bright colors and what Africa is associated with? With bright colors. There are two more illustration of African women in the book as well as some animals and masks all drawn in a specific stylized way.
That's all for today.
Happy coloring!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Lost Ocean coloring: the Palace

Lost Ocean coloring book, the palace

This is the first illustration from the Lost Ocean book that I colored. From all the four coloring books by Johanna Basford this one is my favorite. I called this page "The Emerald Palace" and obviously that's why the palace is colored in shades of green. The surrounding pattern in bright colors makes a nice contrast to it. Mostly I used pencils here with occasional markers here and there on small details.
Once again me and my daughthers (both this time) decided to work on the illustration at the same time. Here you can see their works. They had their own vision of the palace.

Completed Palace illustration from the Lost Ocean

I like all the shadings on this one. The work is done with colored pencils

Lost Ocean coloring page

Nice contrast between the black-and-white patterns and the brightness of the palace. Everything except the background here is colored with markers.

different variants of palace coloring from Lost Ocean
Happy coloring!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Cat therapy coloring: circus cats

Cat therapy coloring pages: circus cats

Two more cats from the Cat therapy coloring book today. I finished them quite quickly. The first one is done completely with markers, I used short strokes to color the fur and I am quite happy with the result.

Adult coloring page circus cat

And the second circus cat page is colored with markers and colored pencils.

Coloring for adults completed page circus cat

These were simple yet fun to color illustrations. Just the right thing after a tiresome day. The pages are from the Cat therapy zendoodle coloring book (Russian publication) by Yanina Mironova.
Happy coloring!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Zendoodle coloring: alien

Zen doodle: alien

Meet this cute alien from the Planet of Cold. He came to visit the Earth and accidentally landed in tropics. It is too hot for him there. But he has two little helpers, cold-producing robots who create a cloud of snowy balls/crystals around him to keep the alien cold. So, that's why he looks quite happy! That's my story behind the illustration :)
And here is another alien. This page was colored by my daughter. We colored at the same time and it was interesting to compare the results.

Zen doodling: alien

The alien is from the Zendoodle coloring book (Russian publication) and I colored him with colored pencils but the background is done with soft pastel.

Happy coloring!