Monday, 5 September 2016

Two patterns from Relaxed and Focused Colouring

Coloured pages from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book

Two more coloured patterns today. Each took me quite some time to finish due to so many small parts. Anyway I enjoyed colouring them very much and am pleased with the result. The first illustration reminded me of Aztec designs and it influenced the choice of colours. And the second one somehow reminded me of ice and snow and so I used only three colours for it. With such a limited amount of pens it turned out quite interesting. Here, have a closer look at each of the patterns.

Aztec inspired colored pattern

Three colors pattern from coloring book

I find that pens/markers work best for colouring patterns, especially for such small detailed ones. I used Edding 1200 Pens and WHSmith Let's Create Pens for these works.
Keep colouring!

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  1. Wow!!! Amazing!!!! Both illustrations are stunning!!! Especially you used a few colours only for each and it's impressive how you managed to make the patterns look so beautiful!!! The first does look like Aztec patterns and second one reminds me of frost on windows or some magical ice palace!!!