Friday, 2 September 2016

Floral cats

Hello! I start this new blog by posting two colored pages from the "Cats: colouring for mindfulness" book. This was the first coloring book I ever bought, just around three months ago. Since that I have got hooked on coloring. I don't really care whether it has any meditating effect or it doesn't. I just like the process, I just like to see how an illustration transforms into a beautiful colorful picture. I am a cat lover so, no wonder when I decided to try coloring my choice fell on a book with illustrations of cats, haha. These two cats were among the first I colored. I didn't take any "before" pictures at the time. But here are two variants, without and with background

I think it looks more interesting when the white fields are filled with colour

For coloring these two cats I used 48 ColorPeps Maped pencils and Edding 1200Colour Pens


  1. Wow!!! You have amazing colouring skills!!! Cats look very magical the way you coloured them!!! Bright and colourful!!! I like the pictures with background...kind of looks more like a finished piece!!! Looking forward to see more of your coloured cat creations!!!:) :) :)

    1. Still on photos the colours don't look quite the same...What a pity...Am trying to get the closest similarity with the originals. Thank you for your comment! :)