Saturday, 3 September 2016

Colorful pattern on black background

 Another day and another coloured page. This one is the latest that I finished, just a few days ago. The whole pattern is coloured with pens and I used only two pencils - black one for background before using a marker (this way there are no any licked spots on the other side of the page), and white one - to draw a few lines on the flowers (because I don't have any white color gel pen). Here is the photo of "before" and "after" together

I wanted to make a black background for this pattern but was in doubt...well, actually was a bit scared to make a mess. But I am glad I went for it. That's how the pattern looked on the plain white background. Nice, but with black background it looks so much more beautiful.

The illustration is from the book The Art of Mindfulness: Relaxed and Focused Colouring. I used WHSmith Let's Create Washable Colouring Pens Pack of 50 (they are so cheap but really good).
That's it for today. 
Keep colouring!

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  1. Amazing!!! Very bright and colourful!!! I like your choice of colours for this pattern ans also how you chose to do black background. The piece looks much more finished and also shows off the coloured patterns even more!!! Great colouring!!! :) :) :)