Friday, 30 September 2016

Hidden in the Jungle coloring: ants

adult coloring ants illustration

I know, this is not the page everyone would gladly color. Some skip pages depicting bugs, spiders or any other insects, many people fine them creepy. But not me...I have no problem at all with watching all these species as well as coloring. And I must say that I did enjoy coloring these ants. As always with me the illustration turned out rather bright and colorful. Here is the before and after photo

Hidden in the Jungle adult coloring book, before and after page

The ants are colored with pencils as well as some leaves. But most leaves and the background underneath are done with watercolor pencils. The paper of this coloring book - Hidden in the Jungle - is of quite good quality so no problem at all with using wet media.
Happy coloring!

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  1. Wow!!! Stunning!!!!! I do find ants creepy myself but the way you coloured them on such beautiful and colourful leaves is so lovely!!!! Amazing!!!!+