Monday, 12 September 2016

Cat the Sleep-Maker

Creative cats before and after coloring page

This is my new work, finished it just yesterday. I named it Cat the Sleep-Maker. I was inspired by Cat Bayun - a magical cat from Russian folklore who charms people with his storytelling and lull them to sleep with his mellow voice...(after that he actually eats them but that's another story). Here, have a closer look at this cat

Completed page from Creative cats coloring book

I used mixture of medias here: colored pencils, fineliners, even highlighters for coloring the cat himself. And to create the effect of the starry night I old nail polish. I am quite happy with the result!

Adult coloring work in progress

The page is from quite popular Creative Cats coloring book. I love the illustrations there though paper is not that great.
That's all for today. Happy coloring!


  1. Wow!!! Very beautiful and magical too!!! Love how you mixed all the different media and even nail Polish to colour and create such amazing picture!!! Also the story of the cat is very nice and how you used it to create this illustration!!!!

  2. I love that you have chosen orange to colour the cat, it really makes it stand out, it seems like the cat will jump out of the cat...and the yellow and green details on the cat are also perfect ( great selection of colours). Colours can tell a story of their own...this page turned out perfectly, I really love how you colouring it....

    ...and speaking of your you think that maybe that cat from Russian folklore was the inspiration for the black cat character in The Master and Margarita?