Friday, 30 December 2016

Glittering cat

Adult coloring cat illustration

It's been some time since I colored a cat themed illustration. Well, today there is one from the Cats Colouring for Mindfulness book. Except for the eyes, I used only three colors to fill in this image. The work was done with glittering gel pens, very cheap Chinese stuff but looks really nice and very sparkly under the light.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Lost Ocean: seahorses

Lost ocean coloring book: seahorses

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have colored a few Christmas and winter themed pages but had no time to take photos of those yet. So, instead a finished page from Johanna Basford's Lost Ocean book today. For coloring these seahorses I used Faber Castell markers and Maped Coror Peps pencils. To achieve that smooth background I put 5 layers of a color. Quite a task! And here is same page colored by my daughter. She used WHSmith markers.

Lost ocean coloring book seahorses

Lost ocean coloring sea horses

Have a nice day and happy coloring!

Monday, 12 December 2016

WHSmith Let's Create pack of 100 color pencils review

WHSmith Let's Create 100 colouring pencils

There are plenty of reviews of artist coloring pencils on the net, such as Faber Castell Polychromos or Prismacolor. I am sure those pencils are fantastic and lucky are those who can afford them for using in coloring books. I can't. All the pencils I have been using so far are budget ones. And today I want to write a review on the most budget color pencils that I managed to find. I am talking about WHSmith Let's Create set of 100 coloring pencils that I bought online for mere 6.49 pounds. And what can I say? I am pretty happy with them! Of course, if you like coloring by putting layer after layer of a color these pencils would not work. They can be used for two-three layers but no more. Anyway, a reaaly impressive effect can be reached thanks to a large variety of shades. Have a look at the range of colors in this pack

I like the variety of blues, greens and purples. There are also colors that can be used for skin coloring. Silver, gold and white pencils are presented too. There are two types of black and several shades of grey. Quite an impressive palette! And here are two pages that I colored using only these pencils

Escape to Shakespeare's world finished page

The first illustration is from the Escape to Shakespeare's World coloring book. As you can see the result is quite bright and colorful.

Budget color pencils review

The second illustration is from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book. The paper in this book is different from that of the previous one, it is very smooth. But still, the colors look very nice.
The pencils are sold in a handy plastic container that can be easily taken with you wherever you decide to go coloring.
Now, about some minuses. There are no any names of numbers indicating pencils colors. And with 100 of them, with many shades being very close and similar, it may be quite confusing. Besides, the real pigment and the color of the wood in some pencils don't match. To make the process of choosing colors easier I marked them myself, I just divided all the pencils into groups and scratched numbers at their ends, like this

WHSmith colour pencils review

And then I arranged all the colors by a group and number into my swatch book. Now it is easy to choose the shade I need.
On the last photo, have a closer look at the pencils marked as VI and XI. They look like black and brown. But now look what their original color is

Not quite what you would expect, huh? It would be really confusing without swatches and marking. Well, perhaps it is not an ideal way but it works fine for me.
This was my first review ever and I hope you will find it helpful. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hidden in the Jungle: pinkish birds

Hidden in the Jungle coloring book

 Today I'm showing another finished page from the Hidden in the Jungle coloring book. Nothing much special about it. I colored birds and flowers with markers and all the greenery and background with pencils. I like such simple coloring from time to time, very relaxing.

Hidden in the Jungle coloring page before and after

Happy coloring!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Relax with Art: Native American portrait

Adult coloring: Native American portrait

Here it is another page from the Relax with Art colouring magazine and I enter into the competition with it too, along with the Golden Pharaoh from my previous post. The Native American portrait is done with budget color pencils (Maped and WHSmith). The wigwam, however, I colored with acrylic because I wanted to paint over some patterns. But I am not quite happy with how the wigwam turned out after all - too dark, I should have chosen a lighter shade perhaps.
Here is the before and after photo

Before and after coloring page America Indian

Happy coloring!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Golden Pharaoh

Relax with Art coloring magazine: pharaoh image

Hello! Here I am again with a new finished coloring page. This one is from the Relax with Art UK colouring magazine. The image is from their October issue. Besides being full of interesting illustrations of different topics the magazine holds a competition where the winner will get a 150 set of Prismacolor pencils. So, I decided to try my luck. In any case, I did enjoy doing my pharaoh.
Thinking of pharaohs I always imagine those gold sarcophagi decorated with lapis lazuli, turquoise and carnelian stones. So, for my pharaoh I decided to experiment a little and to use gold tempera paint. Here and there I added some bronze as well, just to create an illusion of shade. As the result the pharaoh turned out quite majestic. Here is a flash photo which gives you idea about the luster.

Golden Pharaoh adult coloring page

Besides those already mentioned gold and bronze tempera paints I also used acrylic, markers and pencils for this illustration. Here is the before and after photo. As you can see I painted over some patterns - on the face and arms, just thought there were a bit too much of them...

I know my pharaoh is not perfect but on the whole I am quite happy with how the guy turned out. Plus it was fun experimenting with different types of paint.
That's all for today.
Happy coloring!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Roses mandala in black and red

Roses mandala in black and red

This is the second mandala that I colored. I decided to use just a few shades of red and black colors for it to create a slightly dramatic effect. And I like how it turned out. The illustration is from the Enchanted Dreams: A Meditative Art Therapy book by Poppy Appleby. Media used: markers and fineliners.

Roses mandala from Enchanted Dreams adult coloring book

Happy coloring!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Sea stars and shells on glittering background

adult coloring book

I've been out of blogosphere for a while but I kept coloring whenever I got a free minute. Today I will show another sea theme page. All the creatures here are colored with markers. Above you can see the first variant of my coloring of this page. I did the background in watercolor pencils with slight shadowing around the creatures. Then I didn't like the result at all. The background turned out too pale and I hated the shadowing. And on the whole the picture looked rather boring. So, I decided to change the background, to make it much brighter. This time I used watercolor. Yeah, the result was quite bright and beautiful but patchy here and there. Again I was not happy. Then I added some glitter on those patchy areas. Looked much better.

Still I was not quite satisfied, like something was missing. Until I draw white borders around all the creatures. Then, it felt perfect. So, here is the final variant of this coloring page. Perhaps it looks a bit Christmasy with all that glitter, haha, but I like it.

Adult coloring: sea theme colored with markers, glitter and watercolor

As I mentioned before I used markers (different brands), paper glitter and watercolor for coloring this page.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

"Africa" coloring: woman in a bright turban

Adult coloring: african woman illustration

Finally, I was brave enough to try and color a human face. I am quite happy with the result though the paper of this book doesn't love pencils and it is really hard to get a smooth effect while blending. Besides the paper has a few patches here and there which makes the task even harder. Anyway, on the whole the illustration looks quite lovely and I really like it.

Africa coloring book, before and after illustration

For the coloring I used markers and fineliners for smaller details and colored pencils for everything else. And the woman's earrings I colored with a glittering gel pen in the shade of gold.
The illustration is from the Africa: Patterns of the World coloring book (Russian edition) and that is just the right theme for me cause I like using bright colors and what Africa is associated with? With bright colors. There are two more illustration of African women in the book as well as some animals and masks all drawn in a specific stylized way.
That's all for today.
Happy coloring!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Lost Ocean coloring: the Palace

Lost Ocean coloring book, the palace

This is the first illustration from the Lost Ocean book that I colored. From all the four coloring books by Johanna Basford this one is my favorite. I called this page "The Emerald Palace" and obviously that's why the palace is colored in shades of green. The surrounding pattern in bright colors makes a nice contrast to it. Mostly I used pencils here with occasional markers here and there on small details.
Once again me and my daughthers (both this time) decided to work on the illustration at the same time. Here you can see their works. They had their own vision of the palace.

Completed Palace illustration from the Lost Ocean

I like all the shadings on this one. The work is done with colored pencils

Lost Ocean coloring page

Nice contrast between the black-and-white patterns and the brightness of the palace. Everything except the background here is colored with markers.

different variants of palace coloring from Lost Ocean
Happy coloring!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Cat therapy coloring: circus cats

Cat therapy coloring pages: circus cats

Two more cats from the Cat therapy coloring book today. I finished them quite quickly. The first one is done completely with markers, I used short strokes to color the fur and I am quite happy with the result.

Adult coloring page circus cat

And the second circus cat page is colored with markers and colored pencils.

Coloring for adults completed page circus cat

These were simple yet fun to color illustrations. Just the right thing after a tiresome day. The pages are from the Cat therapy zendoodle coloring book (Russian publication) by Yanina Mironova.
Happy coloring!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Zendoodle coloring: alien

Zen doodle: alien

Meet this cute alien from the Planet of Cold. He came to visit the Earth and accidentally landed in tropics. It is too hot for him there. But he has two little helpers, cold-producing robots who create a cloud of snowy balls/crystals around him to keep the alien cold. So, that's why he looks quite happy! That's my story behind the illustration :)
And here is another alien. This page was colored by my daughter. We colored at the same time and it was interesting to compare the results.

Zen doodling: alien

The alien is from the Zendoodle coloring book (Russian publication) and I colored him with colored pencils but the background is done with soft pastel.

Happy coloring!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hidden in the Jungle coloring: ants

adult coloring ants illustration

I know, this is not the page everyone would gladly color. Some skip pages depicting bugs, spiders or any other insects, many people fine them creepy. But not me...I have no problem at all with watching all these species as well as coloring. And I must say that I did enjoy coloring these ants. As always with me the illustration turned out rather bright and colorful. Here is the before and after photo

Hidden in the Jungle adult coloring book, before and after page

The ants are colored with pencils as well as some leaves. But most leaves and the background underneath are done with watercolor pencils. The paper of this coloring book - Hidden in the Jungle - is of quite good quality so no problem at all with using wet media.
Happy coloring!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Caribbean underwater world

Underwater world coloring page

What can be more relaxing then looking at the sea? Only colouring a sea themed page! This Caribbean underwater world inspired illustration is done in bright and vivid colours. The fish and corals are coloured with markers, with some pencils shading and the background is done with watercolour pencils. Seems like I love mixing media :) The illustration is from the Russian publication book called Море, море which translates as Sea, sea...I bought this book during my vacation in Belarus.
Happy colouring!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Cute stripy cats

Cute stripy cats today...really enjoyed coloring this page. Once again I used mixed media here: the cats are done with markers, the fish with gel pens and the background with watercolor pencils. The illustration is from the Relax with Art magazine, issue 6 Colourful Cats: a Feline colouring adventure. There are many interesting, cute and even whimsical images of cats to color. You will definitely see more colored pages from this book in future.
Happy coloring!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mandala in blue and yellow

Mandala coloring

My first mandala...Mandalas are among the most popular colouring themes. And I understand why...colouring a mandala is a very relaxing and calming experience. Especially if you turn on some meditative sound of Buddhist chants to listen while working on your mandala. And it is quite an easy and quick colouring: just follow the pattern and chose the colours depending on your mood. Here is the before and after photo

Mandala before and after

This illustration is from the Zendoodle Coloring: Enchanting Gardens book. The colouring was done with markers.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Peacock on the eye-shadow background

Completed peacock coloring page

This is the last of my summer works. Since now on I will be posting only new completed colouring pages. This peacock was done with coloured pencils and markers and the illustration is from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book. As in one of my previous pages that I showed here the background was done with my old eyeshadows. When you don't have pastels at hand this is quite a good alternative.
Happy colouring!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Pinkish cat

Another cat. This colouring I did in Summer. One of my first works and not the most accurate, hehe. I believe I worked in the evening under not so good light. I wanted to play with different shades of pink and violet and the cat turned out that bright and somewhat fluorescent. Anyway, I like the result...I do like bright colours. All colouring here is done with markers. The illustration is from the Cats: Colouring for Mindfulness book.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Cat the Sleep-Maker

Creative cats before and after coloring page

This is my new work, finished it just yesterday. I named it Cat the Sleep-Maker. I was inspired by Cat Bayun - a magical cat from Russian folklore who charms people with his storytelling and lull them to sleep with his mellow voice...(after that he actually eats them but that's another story). Here, have a closer look at this cat

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Random patterns

Completed pattern from Relaxed and Focused Colouring book

Two of my earlier works done both with coloured pencils and markers. I find such pages the most relaxing: you just grab whatever colour comes into your view, not thinking much about palette to chose, and then just follow the pattern.

Completed pattern from Relaxed and Focused Coloring book

I mucked up a bit this second pattern but if not to look at it too closely then it's ok, hehe...No "before" photos today, I often forget to take pictures of the illustrations before starting to colour them.
Keep colouring!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Jungle cats

Completed pages from Cats colouring for mindfulness

These two cats are from the Cats:colouring for mindfulness book. I put these illustrations under one category "jungle cats". The first cat, as you can see, is done in a leopard style and for the the second cat I used "jungle" colours: different shades of green and brown. I am not quite happy how the head turned out but I like the leopard cat. I used mixed media for both pages: pencils and fineliners. Here, have a closer look at the cats.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Magical birds in the garden

Magical birds completed coloring page

One more completed page from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book. All done with Mapped colour pencils and for colouring the background I used my old blue eye shadows. That was quite an interesting experience. Here is the photo of "before" and "after"

Adult coloring before and after page with magical birds

Keep colouring!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Sea horse

Completed sea horse coloring page

Yet another completed page from the Relaxed and Focused Colouring book. A sea background here, I just wanted to leave it just like this, a bright image on a plain white sheet. Done with markers in blue-green-turquoise shades.